Hello and welcome to Mei Mei Street Kitchen and Mei Mei restaurant!

We are a sibling-run food truck catering business, restaurant, and sauce company serving up creative Chinese-American cuisine made from locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. We pride ourselves on serving humanely raised meat, produce from small farms, and some of the most creatively delicious street food out there. Our food truck opened in April 2012 and was awarded Boston's Best Meal on Wheels soon after. Our restaurant, named Eater Boston's Restaurant of the Year, opened in November 2013 and serves up casual truck-style lunch and creative and contemporary table service dinner. Our sauce company, Pantry by Mei Mei, bottles up the vibrant flavors that characterize our food so you can bring them home to your own kitchen. 

The Sibling Story

“Mei mei” (pronounced may-may) means little sister in Chinese. When Andy founded the Mei Mei Group in 2011, he named it after his two mei meis, Margaret (who, incidentally, often goes by Mei) and Irene.

We three siblings have always loved food in all aspects – cooking, eating, experimenting, exploring, enjoying around a massive banquet table with all our cousins and aunties and uncles and friends. We started Mei Mei Street Kitchen in order to share our passion for food and bring together the power of our diverse experiences like Voltron to create something new and exciting. We’ve taken food we have eaten and loved as children in the past, added modern elements and experiences of the present, and also incorporated practices that fit with our vision of how to do business for a sustainable future.  With Andy’s many years in fine dining management, Mei’s experience as a successful entrepreneur and MBA, Irene’s time living on a farm and working as a line cook and our combined love of good times and great eats, we have crafted a deeply personal venture that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

For us, food is happiness, entertainment, adventure, education, enjoyment, and love. We look forward to sharing it with you. 

Andrew Li

The Big Brother

Early Food Love: Deep fried cotton candy.

Superhero Skills: Phone-shouting, flight.

Happy Family Memory: My Papa teaching me my first fire-bending kata.

Last Meal on Earth: The hearts and eyes of my enemies. Also, Yuengling Black and Tan and deep fried Smiley Face potato snacks.

Real Life Experience: Manager at HarvestLegal Seafoods, and more.

BIG NEWS! Andrew just launched The Beer Mobile, bringing awesome local craft beer straight to your door. Check him out on Instagram for your next party!


Margaret Li

The Middle Mei Mei

Early Food Love: Cheap ramen – the kind that came in a freeze-dried block with a packet of MSG and salt for 10 cents. Yum!

Superhero Skills: Obsessive macaron making, parallel parking, finding great food in random cities. 

Happy Family Memory: Creating a full-on bacon thanksgiving with Irene nearly a decade ago. Yep, all eight courses. 

Real Life Experience: Co-Founder of Red Sox clothing company Homegirls, Former Game Developer and Co-Director of UK/Europe office of The Go Game, Partner at The Rambling Restaurant

Irene Li

Baby Sister

Early Food Love: Cinnamon Life Cereal (two grams of fiber per serving!), white rice with ice cubes.

Superhero Skills: Ordering the perfect amount of sushi every time, enjoying farm work, purchasing and consuming pasture-raised meat in bulk quantities, humility.

Happy Family Memory: Going to a Chinese banquet with the family and being endlessly entertained by my brother and sister making faces out of food items and putting on a lobster-head-on-chopstick, all-rhyming puppet show.

Real Life Experience: Line cook at La Morra, organic farm resident of The Mountain School, volunteer at The Food Project.