Need a gift for a Mei Mei fan in your life? Buy an electronic gift card that can be sent to an email address, a phone number, or printed by clicking the card below. Physical gift cards are also available at our restaurant and shipping container for purchase in any denomination. Cards can be used for meals as well as merchandise and can be redeemed at any of our locations. 



Thanks for visiting our donations page! We believe strongly that it is important for businesses to be invested in their local communities and we are honored to support many important causes through our work. We built our company from the beginning to be aligned as much as possible with our beliefs, and we're happy to be able to give back through donations of our time, money, or food. We are thankful for all the love and lending hands that people have extended to us and are proud to give back as much as we can. 

That being said, we receive a great many requests for donations of all kinds. As a small business with a social mission, we are unfortunately only able to help with some of them. If you are interested in working with us for your cause or organization, we ask that you read the guidelines below to make it more likely that we can meet your request. 

  • Please send all requests via email to hello [at] meimeiboston [dot] com. While we appreciate your putting in the effort to stop by the restaurant or call, it is easier for us to organize and manage requests sent online.
  • Requests are more likely to stand out if you're a regular at the restaurant, if we've chatted over social media, if you've stopped by and said hello at some point. We appreciate your support and always try to return the favor. If you've never visited our restaurant, know nothing about us, are sending out multiple identical form letters, or are addressing your request 'To Whom It May Concern', your request is less likely to reach the top of our list.
  • While we support a range of causes, some of the most important to us and our team are the following: food justice and food security, cancer & Alzheimer's research, urban farming and local food system efforts, and work in under-served communities here in Boston.  
  • We support a number of regular fundraisers throughout the year and do our best to fit in smaller donations throughout. These generally take the form of gift cards. Sometimes we can offer our time for dumpling classes or other fundraisers. If you'd like to discuss another option that can help support your cause and also raise awareness or drive business to Mei Mei, we are always open to creative ideas. 
  • Please plan ahead and make your requests with at least eight weeks of notice. If we are able to help out, we will respond to you within one week. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we may not otherwise be able to personally respond to your request.

We're honored to be an organization that can support the issues we care about. Thanks for supporting our business and we hope to work with you!

(And thank you to our friends at both Banyan Bar + Refuge and the Urban Grape for inspiring this page and inspiring us with all you do for the community!)