Cranberry Sweet & Sour Sauce, 3-pack

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Cranberry Sweet & Sour Sauce, 3-pack


This bright and tangy stir-fry sauce  is great for marinating pork, slathering on your chicken wings, or jazzing up a simple weeknight stir-fry. We blend traditional Chinese elements with locally sourced fruit like organic cranberries from Fresh Meadows Farm in Carver, MA. Order comes in three 12.5 ounce bottles and is proudly bottled in Boston, MA!

Andy: Grill it. Sauce it. Done.

Margaret: It’s delicious on stir-fried pork and broccoli.

Irene: Two words: Chicken. Nuggets.

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All-natural. Gluten-free. Vegetarian. Vegan.

Ingredients: water, cranberries, sugar, rice wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, tomato paste, onions, salt, garlic, celery salt, xanthan gum, cloves

Shipping: We are currently shipping three-packs using Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, which are the cheapest option we've found so far at $13.45. We're in the process of researching cheaper shipping options. But FYI, shipping charges don't go up at all for a second 3-pack because six bottles will fit in a flat rate box. Just sayin....