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It's our birthday tomorrow (Nov 11 marks one year of the restaurant) and we'll cry with joy if we want to - what perfect timing to be nominated as Boston's Restaurant of the Year? Thank you Eater Boston for the honor - and please click here and vote, it'd be a great birthday present:)

Other fun updates since our last newsletter:

  • We made the Boston Magazine 50 Best Restaurants of 2014! CUE FREAKING OUT! Couldn't be more honored or excited.
  • Trick or Treat Chicken Feet at the truck and restaurant for Halloween! We served up cute pumpkin cookies and chili-garlic chicken feet (don't knock em till you try em!)
  • We launched a new take-out menu with everything under ten bucks! Perfect for a quick and affordable meal for our friends living in the area and great for kids too. 
  • Mei spoke on a panel discussion for the City of Boston's Women in Business Accelerator and a couple of Mei Mei folks went to Food Day at Babson. Two very inspiring and educational events!
  • Our bomb pastry chef Jacqueline kicked off Cider Donut Saturdays. Happening. 

Mei Mei in the news

boston magazine 50 best.jpg

It's a huge honor to have made the Boston Magazine 50 Best Restaurants list, and it was just icing on the cake that the issue also included a little piece on cool restaurant bathrooms. Middle sis Mei has been weirdly into restaurant bathroom decor as long as she can remember and we love how the cookbook on the walls was something our grandparents worked on decades ago!

It was also super fun to be featured in this Boston Globe piece on how 'Cheeky names are spicing up local menus'.  We love that our Double Awesome got a nod alongside dishes like the Kenny Mother Effing Powers burger from our friends at The Gallows and the Wu-Tang Tiger-Style Ribs from Shojo. 

And one last bit of self-promotion - don't forget to vote for us as Eater Boston's Restaurant of the Year!


New Menu Items!


We're super excited to have launched our Take-Out Under Ten Bucks menu with some new and exciting dishes on it. For example, ham & cheese on housemade challah bread? HOLLER. It's a perfect option for folks who live in the area and want something delicious and affordable but maybe don't have the time or money to eat in the restaurant all the time. WE GOT YOU GUYS.

Plus the rice porridge is back on the menu, now with new toppings like delicious beef meatballs or Yu Xiang chicken and eggplant stew. Perfect for the chilly weather that's been coming along!

In the meantime, Jacqueline is working on some fantastic new stuff in the pastry department. Recent deliciousness has included salted caramel squares, hazelnut heath bar crunch cookies and pumpkin blondies. You can find her stuff at the restaurant, on the truck, and she's even available for private parties and caterings. Apple cider donuts and caramel apples at your next event will make all your friends very happy, we promise.