Have you been getting our monthly newsletters? If not, you're missing out! But don't worry, we're now going to start posting that content here so you can catch up on all the fun stuff going on at Mei Mei. Here's a look back at our October newsletter (which really covered August and September) - November coming up soon!

  • WE HAVE BEER & WINE!!!! It's a new and exciting world. Come in and check out our killer craft beer selection, our wines by the glass and bottle, and our red wine & sake sangria with local fruit!
  • The lovely Kristen Kish (Top Chef Winner Season 11) came and hung out on the food truck at SOWA! She made a killer sandwich in support of charity and we had a blast.
  • Chef Brian Young is hanging with us untilTownsman Restaurant opens downtown. He's putting up some killer specials, including a dish that won Cream of the Crop award at the Framingham Food Truck festival!
  • We hosted TWO dessert pop-ups - Chef Craig from Post 390 came by with a gorgeous special featuring peach cremeux, black sesame cake, coconut curd, matcha pearls, yuzu mousseline & sesame ginger caramel! Then Stephanie & Justin of Party of Two popped up with Cap'n Crunch tarts, maple bacon cheddar donuts and more ridiculousness. So fun!
  • Not to mention, our own pastry program is off and running! Jacqueline is making stuff like liquid cheesecake, green tea pannacotta, triple corn caramel cakes, basil snickerdoodles, ginger cream donuts - the list just keeps going. 
  • And students are back! It's lovely to have neighbors again. Come stop by and say hello!
  • Oh and pssst. We've got a new website and we think it's pretty sweet. Check it out HERE!

Love and donuts for days, 
the Mei Mei team

Mei Mei in the wild!

We adventured out of the restaurant and beyond the truck to do a bunch of kickass events in August and September! Highlights included fice spice chocolate donuts at the WGBH Food & WIne Festival, 

lunches and parties at the #Inbound14 Conference, fun nights at the Lawn On D, TedX Cambridge (below),  the Watertown Food Truck Festival, the Framingham Food Truck Festival, Allandale Tomato Fest & more! To bring us to your event, shoot us an email at hello@meimeiboston.com!

New Menu Items!

So much new stuff going on these days! We're most excited about our brand new chicken wings - we've been working with Elizabeth over at Copicut Farms in Dartmouth, MA to get a steady supply of their delicious pasture-raised chicken. So good...and available at both lunch and dinner!

Max's Yu Xiang eggplant with puffed rice and fresh peach has been a huge hit. And the desserts we mentioned....the list of awesomeness just goes on and on.  We celebrated the end of summer with a sweet corn cake with tomato marmalade and marscapone and the beginning of fall with a carrot cake with carrot marmalade and cream cheese frosting. YES! Time to eat some sweets!