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Last month, we asked for your votes...this month, we are proud and grateful to report that we've been named Eater Boston's Restaurant of the Year!!

What an amazing way to wrap up 2014 and celebrate our first year as a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Thank you all for your support! As the littlest Mei Mei Irene recently said:

We've been so lucky to have guests, friends, family, and other industry folks who appreciate our passion and embrace our quirks. That we can run a business while being ourselves is truly special. Awards and votes and press coverage aside, we're just gonna keep doing what we've been doing: serving high quality local foods (150,000+ pounds to date), never-ever feeding you or your families factory-farmed meat (and hustling to find the alternatives), listening to our farmers and striving to see our restaurant from their point of view (limiting food waste, loving unloved products), sharing information about recipes and farmers with anyone who wants it (if you have to keep secrets, you're doing it wrong), fostering teamwork and reflective democratic processes among our staff, accepting every request for time off pretty much ever, and treating every stakeholder in our food system like family to the very best of our ability.

It's been a wild and wonderful 2014 and we've learned so much every single day. Can't wait to see you all again in 2015!

Mei Mei in the news

We've got a pastry rock star in our midst! So proud of our very own Jacqueline Dole, who was named to Zagat Boston's 30 Under 30 list today! Amazing news, but we're not surprised after sampling so many of her delicious creations over the past few months.  I mean, get a load of that Triple Corn Caramel cake.

And then there's the cider donuts and the miso sugar cookies and the egg nog pannacotta....YUM. Keep your eyes peeled this Friday...there may be something special going on to celebrate Jacqueline's success!

Big Meat Meals!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our Mei Mei Family Style Dinners! We're working with our farmers to source some seriously delicious cuts of local, pasture-raised meats that we'll cook up for you and a bunch of friends with a bunch of made-just-for-you side dishes. Whole beef shank with spaetzle, greenhouse soup, and squash pickles? Yum. Whole pig's head with steamed buns, roasted veggies, and duck fat potatoes? GIMME NOW!

These Big Meat Meals are perfect for you and a bunch of friends or family and just need to be reserved 5 days in advance. Give us a call and we'll have both a table and an enormous piece of meat ready for you and your crew. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, family special occasions, and more. Bring on the feasting!