Dear Mei Mei Friends & Family,

Hi from Irene, and greetings from Ithaca, NY! I miss you all so stinkin' much. I've been busy finishing up school and working at my friends Brad and Heather's butcher shop, The Piggery. Maybe you've noticed because every time I drive back to Boston, we have some awesome new things like deli ham for the Porco Rosso, cottage bacon for your double awesome, and rib tips and hot dogs for... your face. And stuff.


Brad and Heather are some of Max's and my oldest friends in Ithaca. They started out as humble pig farmers, experimenting with corn and soy-free feeds, mob grazing, and all kinds of other awesome stuff. They love and care for their animals in a way we really admire, and having seen their farm and business grow over the last six years, we really dig their process and trust their quality. A little over a year ago, they launched a USDA certified processing facility that allows them to produce a lot more stuff, like sausages and deli meats, all made with their and their partner farms' pasture-raised meats. Most of their products are unique - pasture-raised sandwich meat is extremely hard to come by. And Applegate, their biggest competitor, just got bought up by Hormel. So we think it's more important than ever that we support this growing business owned and operated our close friends.


We've been working really hard with The Piggery and with Baldor to make their product available in Boston - to everyone, not just us! (If you know any stores or restaurants who would like to hop on the porky goodness train, tell them to get in touch!) So, for all you poultry lovers out, there, I am happy to announce that we've come through, and are now offering...


Pasture. Raised. Turkey. Deli slices! All turkey, no fillers, no creepy crud. Add to your Double Awesome, your Rice Porridge, your everything. It's a delicious addition to our menu, and we think it's really a one-of-a-kind ingredient. As you guys well know, we care a lot about animals getting raised on pasture, and we're one of Boston's only food trucks or restaurants to serve exclusively pasture-raised meats.


As we continue to develop our sourcing for the sliced meats and other exciting items (chilli relleno dumplings, anyone?), we'll be working on our pricing as well. All our sliced meat add-ons are going to $2.75, which isn't cheap, but that's not really our shtick. High quality, humanely raised meats raised by people we know and trust - that's our shtick! Relationships matter to us, and after being lied to by more than one distributor or farmer, trust is a huge factor in making sourcing decisions that we and YOU, our guests, can get excited about. And your food truck Double Awesome with ham/pastrami/turkey/bacon will still be under $10. Plus, we'll have opportunities for us to add other amazing options to our menu like salami, capicola, and baloney - so keep your ears to the ground.

As always, we want to hear your feedback and are grateful for your continued support. We're so excited to have more poultry, more infrastructure for high quality food, and more fun options for you guys at the truck and restaurant. Let us know what else you want to see. Can't wait to hear from you!

Love and pork forever,

Irene "Boys Only Want Pork if it's Pastured" Li