Dearest Mei Mei friends, 


You guys like dumplings, right? Right. So do we. We love them, actually. And we've got a few dumpling related announcements for you!

The first is that we're making a change to our dumpling wrappers - switching to pre-made from hand-rolled. We love the chewy, hearty texture of our hand-rolled wrappers - we always will - but we're growing beyond our capacity to keep production up. So we're switching it up, still folding each dumpling by hand and with lots of love, just with a wrapper that someone else made for us. Like most sandwich shops that outsource their bread, and most of your favorite dumpling spots around town, we searched around for the best tasting brand and they are now producing delicious wrappers for us. We're even working on a custom wrapper with specially chosen ingredients, so we'll keep you all updated on that. Some of you might even prefer the crispier, thinner dumpling skin - let us know what you think!

Up close and personal with the crispy bubbly all-new dumpling wrappers.  

Up close and personal with the crispy bubbly all-new dumpling wrappers.  

We're also super excited to tell you guys that our increased capacity is going to mean more dumplings more of the time. Since we opened the restaurant, we've kept the dumpling menu pretty consistent with the beloved pierogi and traditional pork. But, now that production is streamlined and we've really settled in at the restaurant, it's time to have some fun - the crazy delicious dumpling kind of fun. We'd love to hear your ideas and requests, and have designs on whiskey apple pork dumplings, hot Italian sausage dumplings, and much, much more.  

As always, we welcome your feedback and are grateful for your continued support! Peace, love, and porky dumplings,

the Mei Mei team