You guys might remember how excited Irene was last year about getting pasture-raised deli meats from The Piggery. We were all excited! And it wasn't just about having as many delicious cottage bacon slices, cranberry sage dumplings, and porky hot dogs as we could get our hands on - it was also about sharing the love and building the infrastructure for high-quality, responsibly produced food. 

We were super excited to learn that among others, UMass Boston has hopped on the Piggery train along with us and is trying out their pasture-raised turkey deli slices! Shane from Baldor has been instrumental in getting the word out and pushing these great ingredients. If you attend or work at UMass, ask about them!

These products are truly one-of-a-kind. Now that Hormel owns Applegate, high quality deli meats made by real people and small businesses are getting harder and harder to come by. Plus, pasture-raised poultry farms are still few and far between. But at The Piggery and Bluebird Dream Farm, Brad and Heather lease land to their friend Nick. Nick loves his birds - he sees to their every need, singing to them, and sometimes even camping out in the fields to protect them! Then Brad, the meat wizard, makes the deli meats, and sells them to us. This is what food and relationships are all about! 

Wanna talk turkey? Come in and try some on your rice porridge or in your Double Awesome today.