There's a chill in the air, which means we're nearing the end of wedding season. We're going to miss the parties every weekend -  it's been such a blast celebrating with wonderful people all summer! Our amazing couples have been sending us wedding photos, and we wanted to share some of our favorites here. We love being a part of some of the best, most important days in peoples' lives. 

Hilary and Greg got married at the historic Loring Greenough House in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. We've done lots of neighborhood events and parties at this location, which is a perfect indoor + outdoor venue for food trucks.

As you can see, Andy, Alyssa and Bibi were pretty excited to say hello to the bride and groom. 

We love a good cheese plate for every festive occasion....and we love a tiny bow tie attached to a super cute kid eating a Double Awesome even more. 

Guests nibbled on scallion pancake sandwiches, soup shots with local veggies, sweet corn fritters, dumplings and more. 

Hilary and Greg said:
It’s hard to remember there was ever a time that we weren’t going to have a Mei Mei wedding. If I could do the whole thing all over again, the very first email I would send is to Irene. (I think sometimes we made up reasons to get in touch with Irene, just to have her calm, caring, organized presence write back.) Again and again, Irene and the crew made us feel like the most special couple on Earth. Choosing a menu when everything they make is so freaking delicious was definitely the hardest part of the entire affair. Our guests just raved and the staff were amazing. I’m delighted that we can keep eating Mei Mei for the rest of our lives, to remember such a very sweet day with a very amazing food truck. Scallion pancakes, people, scallion pancakes.

Thank you both so much for the kind words, and congratulations again! So much fun. Photo credit for all above photos: Emmy Hagen

Another one of our favorite events from the summer was celebrating the wedding of Corey and Zev at the Boston Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary in the Mattapan neighborhood of Boston. You can tell instantly from this photo that they're a super fun couple (I mean, check out that blue steel supermodel pose!) and we had such a blast hanging with them and their many friends and loved ones. 

bride and groom in the food truck boston
boston food truck wedding mei mei

They served up Double Awesomes at the wedding, along with all sorts of other dishes, from Red Curry to Rib Tips to our Magical Kale Salad. Irene had such a blast with them. Congrats again, Corey and Zev!

irene li catering a food truck wedding
menu for food truck wedding double awesome

Last but certainly not least, we have the beautiful wedding of Eliza and Nick at a private residence in West Barnstable, MA. Don't you love these two already, just from this photo? Perfect bride and groom for a food truck wedding!

The location was gorgeous, the guests were awesome, the night was just lovely. Eliza was kind enough to write us and say:

A month after our wedding, Nick and I are still on cloud nine and are so thankful everything went so smoothly and perfectly. A lot of that was thanks to you and your staff, so I wanted to thank you for being so helpful and giving our guests the best wedding food they've ever had (we really got this feedback from a lot of people!)...The food and service was everything we could have wanted!

Congrats again to Eliza and Nick and we wish you the very best! Photos by Siri Jones. 

Thanks again to all our wonderful brides and grooms, their fantastic photographers and lovely guests. We feel lucky to be part of these special days and wish you lots of very happy eating as married couples!