Hi Mei Mei friends!

We're very excited for some big company updates and wanted to share them with you. Here's an open letter we've written to let everyone know about some new programs we are implementing at Mei Mei. Thanks for reading!

We are proud to announce that we are instituting an open book management and profit sharing program at Mei Mei. Led by Rethink Restaurants, we will be opening our financial books to our staff and running classes to educate and empower our team to help make organizational decisions and positively affect our bottom line. We're excited to get everyone, from dishwashers to line cooks to servers and managers, working together to benefit the Mei Mei team as well as you, our supportive guests.

After much consideration, we have decided that the restaurant will now be closed for lunch as well as dinner on Mondays. Effective Marathon Monday, 4/17, this will allow us to focus on the new program and other projects. We will still be available on Mondays for caterings as well as private parties, dumpling classes and other events.

Thank you for your understanding and please come chat with us if you'd like to learn more!

Best, the Mei Mei team