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Our Online Store is Live!


WAHOO! We are super excited to announce that our three inaugural products for the Pantry at Mei Mei line are now available in the restaurant, the container later this week and our new online shop! 

Click on over to our Pantry page to buy 3-packs of sauces. E-commerce is new to us, so it took us a little while to get the whole store set up and all the shipping and packaging logistics in place. Turns out these bottles are kinda heavy (chock full of local ingredients!) and so we had to look for a while to find an affordable shipping option. We're not okay with $35 to send you a $28 box of sauces, and we assume you feel the same.

For now, USPS Priority Mail is looking like the best option because their medium flat rate boxes can fit 3 bottles (in fact, they can fit 6 if you want to double up!) but we're going to keep looking around to try and get those prices down. 

So, order away and let us know what you think! If you make something and snap a photo, tag us on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook and we'll share our favorite posts. Thanks for supporting everyone....especially you, Lisa, Adam and Chelsea:) We <3 you guys!