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Beer-Poached Sausages with Cranberry Sweet & Sour Sauce

And now for the second installment of Easy Home Cooking Recipes with Mei Mei Sauce, Part 2. Also known as the second post in the #OnlyATinyBitDrunk series, in which the recipes are easy enough to do when you are lacking just the teensiest bit of control of your fine motor skills. Introducing...Beer Poached Sausages with Cranberry Sweet & Sour Sauce!

beer poached sausages with cranberry sweet and sour sauce.

I'm super excited about this one, because it took us a while to perfect the Cranberry Sweet & Sour Sauce recipe. It's finally bottled and on the restaurant shelves now!  And you'll be able to buy it on our online shop soon, so stay tuned. 

Anyway, I wanted to cook something that would basically let me eat the cranberry sauce straight, because it is crazy delicious. Sweet like ketchup, but more fruity and fresh, with a little vinegary kick. My Scottish husband, raised to douse all his sausages in the inventively named brown sauce, thinks this is a perfect substitute. 

So here's the recipe, in all its posted-while-a-bit-inebriated glory:

Step 1: put sausages into a pan and pour in a bottle and a half of beer or however much you need to cover up those little weiners.

Step 2: finish the rest of that beer and probably another one for good measure. Gotta quality check!!

Step 3: when the sausages are cooked, take them out of the beer and put them in a frying pan with a bit of oil so they get nicely browned.

Step 4: remove from the pan and pour on some awesome sweet & sour sauce from fresh cranberries available NOW at the restaurant and online in like 2 days! Oh and serve with more beer. Wahoooo! 



Easy Home Cooking Recipes with Mei Mei Sauce, Part 1.

Steamed Greens with Smoked Maple Ginger Sauce.

Steamed Greens with Smoked Maple Ginger Sauce.

Sometimes you just need an easy recipe.

Maybe you had a long day and you just want something simple. Maybe you got home super late and you don't to wait for takeout. Maybe you want a really healthy meal that still tastes good. Or maybe your baby didn't nap all afternoon and cried for ages and made a huge mess and pooped all over you and so you had a glass of wine as soon as she finally crashed, and then another, and eventually you realized you needed to eat something immediately or you were also likely to crash, most likely in an embarassing position on the floor of your kitchen. 

Just hypothetically speaking, here. 

This is how my new Instagram series of posts has started, jokingly referred to as #CookingAtHomeWithMeiMei while #OnlyATinyBitDrunk. Because I realized that if I can do it drunk without hurting myself or burning down the house, it's simple enough that  it should be in regular rotation. 

So here it is, pulled directly from Instagram in its slightly drunk glory but with better formatting - my 'recipe' for Steamed Greens with Smoked Maple Ginger Sauce. But I promise you, it's good enough to eat even when you're not drunk at all. 

Step 1: Have our smoked maple ginger sauce in your fridge (most important part!)

Step 2: Stick two bags of steam-in-the-bag veggies in the microwave and cook.

Step 3: Open bags without burning yourself (hardest part) and put into bowl.

Step 4: Sprinkle with white & black sesame seeds because you #fancy.

Step 5: Pour sauce on veggies and eat and congratulate yourself for 'cooking' a super healthy tasty dish!