At our brick and mortar Boston location, we serve only pasture-raised, humanely slaughtered meat, sourced within about 250 miles of Boston. We love meat (and do a lot of our own butchering!) and want you to know that you are always getting great quality meat from antibiotic- and hormone-free, ethically raised animals. We only serve sustainably caught or raised seafood and our fruits and vegetables are all grown in the Northeast. 

Many of our dishes start with an idea of a Chinese dish or maybe even a memory of something we ate when growing up in a Boston-based Chinese-American family. That's where our pork dumplings and scallion pancake dishes come from - but we veer off course to add sharp Hunter's cheddar or local greens pesto, something you'd never see in a traditional Chinese dish.

Other dishes are inspired by beautiful produce from our farmers. We love working with local people like Allandale Farm, City Growers, The Food Project and more. We stick to a seasonal menu as much possible, so you might say goodbye to a favorite menu item over the winter. But we hope you'll come back for something else new and exciting that New England has to offer.  


Afternoon Specials 2-6pm

Dumpling Happy Hour | EVERYDAY: Get a FREE order of Pierogi Dumplings with any boozy beverage.

20% off University Discount | WEEKDAYS: University Students, Staff & Faculty get 20% off, show your ID!