We're on a mission to provide not only great food and wonderful service, but also a thoughtfully crafted dining experience that seeks to address the complicated ethics that surround restaurant food and restaurant work. Restaurants can reflect the problems of the world we live in, but they can also be engines for change. We source our ingredients carefully. We are an Open Book Management* company that invests in and empowers our team members. We want to be a good restaurant - in all senses of the word.

Mei Mei Restaurant is always looking for energetic, responsible, food-loving, detail-oriented people to work in our award-winning restaurant and food truck catering business.  

We are a business dedicated to great food, excellent service, local sourcing, and sustainable operations. We believe in hiring great people and working with them to grow as people and as members of the Mei Mei team. We’re always expanding and adding new opportunities as a company and looking for people to join us for the ride! You are someone who loves food and interacting with people. You care about great guest service and hospitality as much as you appreciate organization and structure. You’re motivated, dedicated, and excited to join a thoughtful and somewhat unconventional company.

Do you love food and sharing delicious experiences with people? Are you a stickler for for great customer service and a fan of well-run, thoughtfully designed businesses? Are you looking to work for an independent local company that believes in sustainability and community engagement? Most importantly, are you looking for a job that will allow you to learn, grow and advance with a cool small company and have fun while doing it?

*WE are an Open Book Management company:

We’re on a mission at Mei Mei to provide better restaurant industry jobs. In 2017, we launched a program called Open Book Management, a management strategy based on financial transparency and inclusivity. We train all our staff to think and act like managers regardless of their role or title. What we do different at Mei Mei:

  1. Train all staff in basic business and finance. All staff participate in a 10 hour paid training curriculum taught over 2-3 months both in person and online to learn the basics of how to operate a restaurant and understand a financial statement.

  2. All-staff monthly meetings to review our financial performance. All staff get to see how the business is performing, and strategize ways we can improve. 

  3. Company Improvement Challenge Games. Two to three times per year, we get together in teams of 3-5 people, and pick as aspect of the business to improve over a 8-10 week timeframe. Past challenges have been to increase alcohol sales, Yelp stars, revenue and decrease COGS (cost of goods sold).

  4. Profit-Sharing program: The Mei Mei leadership team sets an annual profit target. If Mei Mei is exceeds the profit target, distributions are made quarterly based on hours worked to eligible staff (must have completed the Open Book Curriculum).

  5. Leadership Training: Every quarter we hold paid training sessions for our leadership team and interested full-time staff on different professional development topics. Past topics included: how to build management skills, how to give and receive critical feedback, and how to build business systems.

All staff monthly financial reviews

All staff monthly financial reviews