Happy New Year from the Mei Mei Crew!

Happy January everyone! 

Can't believe it's already 2015! Well, a new year means all sorts of fun new projects and we're excited to share. Here are some dishes, projects and events we're working on these days:

  • HOT DIGGITY DAWG! We are working with our upstate new york besties The Piggery (where Irene is working during her last year of school at Cornell) to provide you with the best pork & beef hot dogs in town (or so we humbly think:). Brad (pictured right) and Heather of the Piggery not only raise their own pastured pigs, but do just about everything in house to make absolutely amazing meat products. It's hard to find pasture-raised hot dogs and we're psyched to feature them! More info to the right....
  • Pop Pop Pop-Ups! Coming January 19th is a one-time event at Mei Mei with our friend Chris Cronin, formerly of Washington Square Tavern and now of the upcoming Project 202
  • Getting ready for COCHON 555, the pork event of the year!  We did family meal last year and are honored to be invited to compete this February 22nd. More info to come...
  • #MEIMEIINSTAWIN! Are you a food porn fanatic on Instagram? We love it when people snap food photos at the truck and restaurant and we want to support your great work with food! Follow@meimeiboston on Instagram, snap a food photo in the month of January, then tag us and #meimeiinstawin and you could win a $50 gift certificate! 

Love and pasture-raised pigs,
the Mei Mei team

Have we mentioned hot dogs yet? I think we have, maybe once or twice. Well,Boston Magazine and Eater are talking about them too, because they're freaking delicious! 

Peter has come up up with some ridiculous sauces including a dijon cheddar bechamel and a radish relish with cumin, coriander and mustard seeds plus organic watermelon radishes from our friends at Red Fire Farm. Then as you know, spicy ketchup and soy aioli make everything more awesome...

We're also making housemade hot dog buns. Because why not? They're a twist on our housemade steam buns with Four Star Farms local flour and buttermilk. Yum. 

Hot dogs will be available in the restaurant and on the food truck on Wednesdays in January! Come stop by and give em a try! We promise you won't regret it....

Pop-Up Fun!

We are super pumped for our January 19th Overlooked Pop-upwith our buddy Chris and our friend Adria, pictured above. He's a badass chef who shares our commitment to sustainability and she's a local ceramicist who is making beautiful hand-thrown pottery for pop-up diners to take home!  

Here's the deal: this seven-course meal paired with local craft booze will focus on thoughtfully prepared, under-utilized, super-local food. Think laying hens, seafood charcuterie, underappreciated winter vegetables, plus beer from Framingham's Jack's Abby brewers. A few more alcohol partners are in the works too, so don't miss out!

Tickets are available limited and only available  HERE, so get ready to get stuffed with some delights you don't see on menus around here too often. Read more from Boston Magazine on this event and other cool stuff around town. We promise a night you won't forget! 




January Truck Schedule

Special Events!
1/9 - Craft Beer and Chocolate for Charity at Somerville Armory to benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank
1/15 - Girl Scouts Cookie Creations at the Back Bay Events Center
1/19 - Overlooked Pop-Up at Mei Mei Restaurant!
1/29 - WBUR On Tap at the WBUR studio

January 2014  - Weekly Truck Schedule

11:30am - 2:30pm: Northeastern University: Opera Place and Huntington Ave


11:30am-2:30pm: Stuart St. at Trinity Place by Copley Square


11:30am-2:30pm: Dewey Square


11:30am-2:30pm: BU East on Comm Ave by Morse Auditorium


11:30am-2:30pm: Dewey Square


Brrr...winter is here! If you don't want to brave the cold, it's a perfect time to bring the truck to you! January is a great time for office catering (hire the truck to feed your whole company) or delivery. Check out our catering page or email to have Mei Mei at your next event or celebration!

Check out our website for more details, we'll see you out there! 



Happy December from the Mei Mei Crew!

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Last month, we asked for your votes...this month, we are proud and grateful to report that we've been named Eater Boston's Restaurant of the Year!!

What an amazing way to wrap up 2014 and celebrate our first year as a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Thank you all for your support! As the littlest Mei Mei Irene recently said:

We've been so lucky to have guests, friends, family, and other industry folks who appreciate our passion and embrace our quirks. That we can run a business while being ourselves is truly special. Awards and votes and press coverage aside, we're just gonna keep doing what we've been doing: serving high quality local foods (150,000+ pounds to date), never-ever feeding you or your families factory-farmed meat (and hustling to find the alternatives), listening to our farmers and striving to see our restaurant from their point of view (limiting food waste, loving unloved products), sharing information about recipes and farmers with anyone who wants it (if you have to keep secrets, you're doing it wrong), fostering teamwork and reflective democratic processes among our staff, accepting every request for time off pretty much ever, and treating every stakeholder in our food system like family to the very best of our ability.

It's been a wild and wonderful 2014 and we've learned so much every single day. Can't wait to see you all again in 2015!

Mei Mei in the news

We've got a pastry rock star in our midst! So proud of our very own Jacqueline Dole, who was named to Zagat Boston's 30 Under 30 list today! Amazing news, but we're not surprised after sampling so many of her delicious creations over the past few months.  I mean, get a load of that Triple Corn Caramel cake.

And then there's the cider donuts and the miso sugar cookies and the egg nog pannacotta....YUM. Keep your eyes peeled this Friday...there may be something special going on to celebrate Jacqueline's success!

Big Meat Meals!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our Mei Mei Family Style Dinners! We're working with our farmers to source some seriously delicious cuts of local, pasture-raised meats that we'll cook up for you and a bunch of friends with a bunch of made-just-for-you side dishes. Whole beef shank with spaetzle, greenhouse soup, and squash pickles? Yum. Whole pig's head with steamed buns, roasted veggies, and duck fat potatoes? GIMME NOW!

These Big Meat Meals are perfect for you and a bunch of friends or family and just need to be reserved 5 days in advance. Give us a call and we'll have both a table and an enormous piece of meat ready for you and your crew. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, family special occasions, and more. Bring on the feasting!



Happy November everyone! It's our birthday!

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But if you prefer to catch up here on our blog, here's the latest news...

It's our birthday tomorrow (Nov 11 marks one year of the restaurant) and we'll cry with joy if we want to - what perfect timing to be nominated as Boston's Restaurant of the Year? Thank you Eater Boston for the honor - and please click here and vote, it'd be a great birthday present:)

Other fun updates since our last newsletter:

  • We made the Boston Magazine 50 Best Restaurants of 2014! CUE FREAKING OUT! Couldn't be more honored or excited.
  • Trick or Treat Chicken Feet at the truck and restaurant for Halloween! We served up cute pumpkin cookies and chili-garlic chicken feet (don't knock em till you try em!)
  • We launched a new take-out menu with everything under ten bucks! Perfect for a quick and affordable meal for our friends living in the area and great for kids too. 
  • Mei spoke on a panel discussion for the City of Boston's Women in Business Accelerator and a couple of Mei Mei folks went to Food Day at Babson. Two very inspiring and educational events!
  • Our bomb pastry chef Jacqueline kicked off Cider Donut Saturdays. Happening. 

Mei Mei in the news

boston magazine 50 best.jpg

It's a huge honor to have made the Boston Magazine 50 Best Restaurants list, and it was just icing on the cake that the issue also included a little piece on cool restaurant bathrooms. Middle sis Mei has been weirdly into restaurant bathroom decor as long as she can remember and we love how the cookbook on the walls was something our grandparents worked on decades ago!

It was also super fun to be featured in this Boston Globe piece on how 'Cheeky names are spicing up local menus'.  We love that our Double Awesome got a nod alongside dishes like the Kenny Mother Effing Powers burger from our friends at The Gallows and the Wu-Tang Tiger-Style Ribs from Shojo. 

And one last bit of self-promotion - don't forget to vote for us as Eater Boston's Restaurant of the Year!


New Menu Items!


We're super excited to have launched our Take-Out Under Ten Bucks menu with some new and exciting dishes on it. For example, ham & cheese on housemade challah bread? HOLLER. It's a perfect option for folks who live in the area and want something delicious and affordable but maybe don't have the time or money to eat in the restaurant all the time. WE GOT YOU GUYS.

Plus the rice porridge is back on the menu, now with new toppings like delicious beef meatballs or Yu Xiang chicken and eggplant stew. Perfect for the chilly weather that's been coming along!

In the meantime, Jacqueline is working on some fantastic new stuff in the pastry department. Recent deliciousness has included salted caramel squares, hazelnut heath bar crunch cookies and pumpkin blondies. You can find her stuff at the restaurant, on the truck, and she's even available for private parties and caterings. Apple cider donuts and caramel apples at your next event will make all your friends very happy, we promise.  




A Hello From Back In October!

Have you been getting our monthly newsletters? If not, you're missing out! But don't worry, we're now going to start posting that content here so you can catch up on all the fun stuff going on at Mei Mei. Here's a look back at our October newsletter (which really covered August and September) - November coming up soon!

  • WE HAVE BEER & WINE!!!! It's a new and exciting world. Come in and check out our killer craft beer selection, our wines by the glass and bottle, and our red wine & sake sangria with local fruit!
  • The lovely Kristen Kish (Top Chef Winner Season 11) came and hung out on the food truck at SOWA! She made a killer sandwich in support of charity and we had a blast.
  • Chef Brian Young is hanging with us untilTownsman Restaurant opens downtown. He's putting up some killer specials, including a dish that won Cream of the Crop award at the Framingham Food Truck festival!
  • We hosted TWO dessert pop-ups - Chef Craig from Post 390 came by with a gorgeous special featuring peach cremeux, black sesame cake, coconut curd, matcha pearls, yuzu mousseline & sesame ginger caramel! Then Stephanie & Justin of Party of Two popped up with Cap'n Crunch tarts, maple bacon cheddar donuts and more ridiculousness. So fun!
  • Not to mention, our own pastry program is off and running! Jacqueline is making stuff like liquid cheesecake, green tea pannacotta, triple corn caramel cakes, basil snickerdoodles, ginger cream donuts - the list just keeps going. 
  • And students are back! It's lovely to have neighbors again. Come stop by and say hello!
  • Oh and pssst. We've got a new website and we think it's pretty sweet. Check it out HERE!

Love and donuts for days, 
the Mei Mei team

Mei Mei in the wild!

We adventured out of the restaurant and beyond the truck to do a bunch of kickass events in August and September! Highlights included fice spice chocolate donuts at the WGBH Food & WIne Festival, 

lunches and parties at the #Inbound14 Conference, fun nights at the Lawn On D, TedX Cambridge (below),  the Watertown Food Truck Festival, the Framingham Food Truck Festival, Allandale Tomato Fest & more! To bring us to your event, shoot us an email at!

New Menu Items!

So much new stuff going on these days! We're most excited about our brand new chicken wings - we've been working with Elizabeth over at Copicut Farms in Dartmouth, MA to get a steady supply of their delicious pasture-raised chicken. So good...and available at both lunch and dinner!

Max's Yu Xiang eggplant with puffed rice and fresh peach has been a huge hit. And the desserts we mentioned....the list of awesomeness just goes on and on.  We celebrated the end of summer with a sweet corn cake with tomato marmalade and marscapone and the beginning of fall with a carrot cake with carrot marmalade and cream cheese frosting. YES! Time to eat some sweets!



Freaking Sweet.

Oh heeyyyyy new pastry chef! Jacqueline (who many of you have met rocking the lunch counter) is churning out some deliciousness from our prep kitchen. Check out some of her recent creations, including green tea pannacotta with miso sugar crumble, triple corn caramel chocolate cake, and basil sugar donuts with ginger whipped cream. Mmmmm....



We have a new website!

Since you're here, you've probably noticed. Or this is your first time, in which case: WELCOME! 

Looking kinda fancy, huh? We hope it'll make it easier for you to navigate around and find what you're looking for.

Hours and address? Bottom of the page, boom. 

Updated menus? Click on the Restaurant page.

Maps to all the food truck locations? Click the Food Truck page! Boom. 

It's even optimized for mobile to make your on-the-go truck hunting or takeout ordering a breeze. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, huh?

Any comments, suggestions, etc, let us know! We'll hopefully migrate over some of the old blog posts soon in case you feel like browsing around a bit, but look for more content coming soon!

Love & lemon squeezes,

the Mei Mei crew